Workout Plan with your Bike Trainer


Workout Plan With Your Bike Trainer

You may think that riding a stationary bike stand is not going to help you to race on the road. On the contrary, it actually benefits you in many ways. Expert athletes prefer training on a bike trainer instead of riding on the roads. Ideally, you’ll have to create a workout schedule with outdoor and indoor training on bike trainer stand. Experts say that you can improve your cycling performance vastly with a carefully designed workout plan on bicycle trainer.

Limit Riding Times On Cycling Trainer in your Workout Plan

Even with the best virtual training program, you should be facing your wall when you use your indoor bike. To make your workout plan interesting and effective, limit the riding time to 60-75 minutes on week days and 90 minutes on weekends. Moreover, with concentrated effort on bike rollers, you will achieve the same result of riding for several hours on the road while just riding for an hour on a stationary bike stand.

Devise A Structural Workout Plan

Your workout plan should be structured in such a way that you improve specific aspects of cycling training with specific sets of training exercises. This way you can build strength and improve your on-road performance vastly. You can find help from experts using the virtual training program offered for athletes.

Improve Advanced Aerobic Endurance

The indoor bike provides the best opportunity to build aerobic endurance and you should choose your workout plan accordingly. If you are creative enough to look at different places, you can find a workout plan for bike trainer that doesn’t repeat itself for at least a month.

Don’t Just Ride On a Generic Zone 

Simply logging ride hours on rollers isn’t going to help you if you are training for a race. You should perform interval training if you want to see results.


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