Indoor Bike Trainer | Experts Train with this Before Racing


Why Experts Prefer Indoor Bike Trainer To Train Before Racing

If you think that expert cyclists spend all their time outdoor training on different terrains, you are absolutely wrong. All expert triathletes train on a indoor bike trainer in their own training studio and they only ride on roads a few times in a month. They know the power of a stationary bike stand and they know exactly how to exploit rollers to get the best workout. You can see during races that the pros prefer to warm up on cycling trainer, but in reality, they do much more than warming up on a bicycle trainer.

  • The most important reason for using an indoor bike trainer is that you can train continuously without any worries in winter when riding on roads is impossible.
  • Indoor bike trainer saves a lot of time as you don’t have to get ready and commute to any place. You can still be in your pajamas and start training readily when you have set up rollers at home.
  • Training on bicycle trainer stand is much more intense than training on the roads. You don’t have to worry about the common road hazards or rogue animals that don’t care about your training. With an indoor bike trainer, you can concentrate completely on training and maximize your heart rate readily. To improve yourself, you should increase your cadence every minute for 5 to 10 minutes after warming up. Sprinting will also develop your riding skills.
  • You can plan a workout and stick to it easily as there will be no distractions. If you need some motivation, you can use virtual training videos and race on virtual courses.
  • To reduce stiffness and soreness post training, you can use your indoor bike trainer to ride at 55% of your maximum heart rate. You can use this cadence to recover quickly.


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