Indoor Bike Trainer | Which one suits you best?


How to Choose The Best Indoor Bike Trainer Suitable For Your Needs

Avid cyclists like to ride their bike all through the year. However, expert athletes train indoors on a bike stationary stand to improve endurance, strength and agility. If you are interested in becoming a cyclist, you should definitely invest in an indoor bike trainer which will let you ride your own bike indoors.

There are two types of bicycle trainer – rollers and bike trainer stand. Even though both these devices support stationary cycling, they differ in the ways bikes are mounted and used. You need to choose bicycle trainer stand depending on your needs.

A stationary bike stand will attach to the rear wheel of your bike, holding it in place. A roller will be clamped against rear wheel to provide resistance. This will help you to mimic road conditions while riding on an indoor bike trainer. You will be able to adjust the resistance so that you can train to increase your strength. As the bike is clamped tightly to the stand, your bike will stay upright, avoiding the need for you to maintain balance. The trainer puts pressure on the rear tires and this will cause the tire will wear out sooner.

Rollers consist of three rolling drums held together in a frame. Two of those drums go under rear wheel while the other one goes under the front wheel. As you ride your bike, the bike rollers will start rolling, giving you a realistic feel. This will greatly help you to build your balance because there is no support for your bike except your body weight to keep it steady. You will also get an opportunity to improve your pedal stroke because you have to pedal in circles to stay on your bike without falling off.

Depending on your needs, you can choose an indoor bike stand that is affordable for you. You should always consider paying for a fully featured indoor bike trainer because it will last for a lifetime.


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