Best Cycling Diet | Recommended By Pro Cyclists


Best Cycling Diet | Helps You to Stay Fit

To become a pro racer, you should start eating like a professional racer. Bradley Wiggins, winner of the Tour De France recommends the best cycling diet including healthy food, proper hydration and getting plenty of rest. Whether you are training on the road or training using a bike trainer, you should ensure that you eat properly and drink properly throughout the day. To stay fit for the race, you should stay fit throughout the year.


Best Cycling Diet To Follow
Best Cycling Diet To Follow

Best Cycling Diet to Follow

Racers Eat A Big Breakfast

Tour De France racers burn at least 3000 to 4000 calories on regular average days and they burn more than 5000 calories on the racing day. So, they eat a huge breakfast that fills them up with energy. The most important thing about eating heavy food is that it must be taken several hours before the race. This provides the body plenty of time to digest the food.

Racers Drink A Lot Of Water And Sports Drinks

Hydration is very important for racers as your body will lose a lot of fluids when you cycle. Often, beginners training on a bike rider forget the importance of hydration and they end up losing a lot of energy. You should drink 13-16 ounces of fluid every hour when you race or train. Commercial sports drinks are the choice of racers during the race as these drinks provide adequate hydration and energy.

Racers Take Plenty Of Rest

When you train for a race, it is easy to get carried away by the need to train. However, your body needs lot of rest as muscles are rebuilt during recovery. Irrespective of the number of hours you have logged on a bike trainer, you should go to bed early every day. You should eat the best cycling diet during recovery stage so that your body has enough energy to perform repair actively.


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