Diet Myths | Cyclists on a Indoor Bike Trainer


Diet Myths | Debunking Diet Myths for Cyclists on a Indoor Bike Trainer


Diet is an important part of fitness for any cyclist. Even if you decide to train exclusively indoors using bicycle trainer, you should know the right way to eat so that you develop strength and stamina to race on the road. While calorie counting is essential to stay fit, the source of these calories is all the more important. With the advancement in the field of nutrition, many old school facts have turned out be mere diet myths.


Diet Myths | Pasta Dinner on the Eve Of Bike Race

For many years, cyclists have been advised to have a huge pasta dinner in the evening before the bike race. Allen Lim says that there is nothing remotely nutritious about a pasta dinner. His PhD has helped him devise a nutritional plan including rice cakes with eggs, prosciutto, olive oil and liquid amino acids. He advises his athletes to avoid processed wheat from their diet while training on indoor bike trainer. In the previous editions of Joe Friel’s book, you can find his ardent support for carbohydrates. Now, he has changed his suggestion and asks trainers on rollers to eat fruits, vegetables and lean meat.


Debunking Diet Myths Cyclist
Debunking Diet Myths Cyclist

Diet Myths | All Calories Are Equal

Calories from carbohydrate, protein and fat are not equal even though their numbers are the same. You should include each of these micronutrients in every meal. Before starting your training, you should eat a carbohydrate rich diet that is low in protein and fat. When it comes to carbs, choose fruits and vegetables instead of pasta, begels or potatoes. All fats don’t make you fat. You should include healthy fats in your diet to stay fit.


Diet Myths | Reduce The Amount Of Processed Food

Many cyclists who log several hours of training on their stationary bike stand think that they are eating healthy food with their energy bars, pasta, cereals and energy drinks. You should avoid processed food as much as possible and fill your cart with fresh produce that directly comes from plants and animals. This will help you to eat a healthy meal every time.


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