Bike Trainer | Bkool, The Ultimate Choice Of Pros


Bike Trainer| Loved By Professional Racers


The most advanced bike trainer should comprise of a trainer component, simulator, analytical platform and multiple options to change the settings. BKool turbo trainer is the ultimate choice of professional racers because of its innumerous benefits. A similar cycling trainer from other companies may cost you at least a grand, but BKool indoor bike is the best affordable trainer in the market, allowing amateurs to train like professionals.


Enjoy Extreme Realism With Bike Trainer At Home


The biggest and the most doted feature of BKool trainer is that it is very realistic. You will feel like you are actually riding on the ground. The trainer occupies very less space and weighs very less, making it easy to mount your bike on and off the trainer multiple times a day. It can power up to 1200 W progressively, enabling you to enjoy on-road feeling without jerky movements. To start your training, simply connect your bike to the trainer and pedal away.


BKool bike trainer surpasses all its competitors with its 3D simulator which is the first in the market. You can ride virtually on any world route and forget that you are actually training at your home. The routes are completely customizable, allowing you to take complete control on where you ride. You can shoot your own local videos and the software will automatically create a 3D route for you to train.


Training on road is enjoyable mainly because of the people who are riding with you. You don’t have to feel lonely while using BKool bike trainer because you can create virtual league teams and ride with your friends or other BKool riders. This will motivate you to keep going because you want to beat your opponents in the virtual race. All of your riding data are stored in the cloud, making it possible to review and compare your performance like professional athletes.


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