Bicycle Trainer | Bkool The Best Trainer For Pros


Bicycle Trainer | Bkool The Best Trainer For Pros

Bkool is an advanced turbo trainer that allows you to train indoors without losing the benefits of training outdoor. The high end bicycle trainer has the most advanced simulator that you can’t find with other expensive trainers. It is the only trainer in the world providing 3D training experience. You won’t feel like riding indoor as the 3D virtual routes mimic the warm sunny outdoor conditions. Extreme realism is one of the biggest benefits of this trainer as you will feel motivated to push through the virtual roads. There are over 500,000 routes, which means that your bike trainer workouts will never be boring.


Often, lack of motivation while riding solo, is the reason for many cyclists to hate trainers. Bkool allows you to connect with your friends and compete in virtual races. Irrespective of where your friends are located, you can connect with them via your bicycle trainer and race on virtual roads. You can also create teams and race in leagues. Depending on your performance, you will be ranked by the Bkool software. If competing against real cyclists is not your choice of training, then you should compete with virtual cyclists to measure your performance against the performance of a computer.


Benefits of Bkool Bicycle Trainer

The most beneficial aspect of Bkool trainer is the ability to analyze your activity. All your performance figures will be in the cloud, which is easily accessible at any time anywhere. You can create customized plans and training routes that suit your training needs.


While similar trainers from other brands will burn a hole through your wallet, Bkool turbo trainer is much cheaper. The cutting edge technology and innovative design ensures that professional trainers are available for every cyclist even with a limited budget. You can try Bkool bicycle trainer for free and you will pay for the trainer only when you keep the unit to pursue further advanced training.



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