Bike Trainer Stand | Get Top Of The Line Bkool Trainer For A Fraction Of The Cost


Bike Trainer Stand| Pay Less And Get More With Bkool Trainer

Cost is often a major factor to consider before investing in a bike trainer stand. You can train like a pro in winters when riding outside is not possible when you have a cycling trainer at home. You can easily put the trainer in your fitness room and get involved in the 3D virtual world if you purchase Bkool trainer. This turbo trainer is new to the country, but it is offered at a much lower price, compared to other trainers from Kurt Kinetic and CycleOps.


Bkool Bike Trainer Stand Offers Virtual Reality For A Scanty Price


High end turbo trainers will set you back a few thousand dollars, especially if you plan on purchasing video training sessions. Most of the trainers simply send you the cycling trainer and ask you to pay for every route and video you want to race. Bkool bike trainer stand on the other hand is highly affordable since you pay only once for the device that comes with a free simulator. The premium membership is free for a year after which you only have to pay a few dollars every month NetFlix style to watch and race using unlimited videos and training sessions.

The most interesting aspect of Bkool turbo trainer is the 3D simulator software and web interface. You have to use the website to create an account and configure routes and races. Then, you can download 3D simulator to your laptop or tablet and start racing immediately. The device sends power information to your computer using ANT USB+ wireless connection and all your riding data is stored in the cloud for easy access.

With a highly advanced bike trainer stand, you will never be bored while training in winter. The software simulates on-road conditions perfectly as the device and computer simulator work in harmony to offer the best possible experience in your home gym.



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