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Bike Rollers | Effective Training Routine

Even before the introduction of bicycle indoor trainer, cyclists who can’t train outside due to weather conditions prefer the use of bike rollers to train effectively at home. Some old school pros even say that modern day trainers can’t compete with the rollers in terms of training efficiency. However, if you are looking forward to an effective training routine, you should have a bike trainer and a roller to workout more effectively.


When you ride a roller trainer, it is important to improve your pedaling balance without which you will easily fall off. Newbie riders should hold on to a wall or something to maintain a steady balance. Once you understand how to use your core to maintain your balance on rollers, you can start training properly. Unlike bike stand for indoor riding, you can’t simply start pedaling on roller cycle. It effectively strengthens your core which is essential to ride properly outdoors.


Improve pedaling with bike rollers

Expert cyclists agree that rollers are the best training tools to improve pedaling technique. Most of the cyclists follow square pedaling technique which doesn’t provide maximum riding power. In order to compensate for the loss of pedaling power, riders have to use their strength to propel forward. Bike rollers give you an opportunity to improve pedaling technique as they force you to pedal in circles. This method allows you to build strength on both legs, maximizing pedaling power. After perfecting your pedaling technique, you can get an intense workout on roller bike trainer.


Many people believe that it is not possible to change resistance with a roller cycle. While there are no settings that you can change automatically, it is possible to ride at varying resistance speeds by changing air pressure in your bike. By lowering the pressure, you can get a much higher resistance which is very essential for a proper training routine.


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