Bike Rollers | Planning Training Sessions


Bike Rollers | Become a Pro through Training

If you want to become a professional cyclist, you should start training like expert athletes. Riding on roads is not the only way to train for a cycling race. You need special tools like bike rollers that help you to develop and strengthen each and every aspect of riding. Indoor training offers the best opportunity to focus on individual aspects of riding because of the controlled environment. Bike Rollers are especially useful for technique improvement, high cadence training and recovery training.


A roller cycle offers low resistance which gives you a chance to ride easily at a high RPM. This will allow you to work on your riding elements that can’t be targeted while riding outside or even when riding on an indoor bike trainer. Bike Roller trainer is unique in its own way and you can follow a session training plan to maximize the benefits.

Training Session to Follow using Bike Rollers

Pro Cyclists
Pro Cyclists

Recovery Session

A recovery session is usually 30 minutes long and this training workout is for rest days or post race. This session involves low intensity riding which helps you to improve blood flow to muscles, thereby eliminating lactic acid buildup.


High Cadence Session

You need to work on your cadence a few times a week so that you don’t bounce around the saddle while riding at high cadence. Cadence training session starts with low intensity and you have to gradually build up your cadence. You should also power your legs by riding at higher RPM during each cadence set.


Single Legged Spin Session

To maximize pedaling power, both of your legs should deliver power to the pedal. Bike rollers give you an opportunity to balance any sort of power imbalance that you have developed riding outdoors. Use same gear for warm-up and for the first set, but you should pedal with one leg for at least 10 minutes. In order to ensure that you don’t get any help from another leg, unclip the resting leg and simply place it on your pedal.


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