Bike Trainer | Pierre Michael Micaletti Sets World Record On Bkool Trainer


Bike Trainer | Pierre Michael Micaletti Enjoys Training On Bkool Trainer


Any bike trainer that helps athletes to achieve their goal is worth the price paid for. Pierre Michael Micaletti, a multiple world record holder dreamed of training continuously on a home trainer for a few days to see how his stamina helps him to get through tough challenges. When it came to choosing the right home trainer to set the world record, Micaletti chose Bkool turbo trainer which says more than what the words can explain. His ultimate choice for cycling training is Bkool trainer as he wanted to put the trainer to rigorous testing. It is only fair to say that Bkool trainer passed the test with flying colors as Micaletti completed six days of non-stop training on the home trainer.


Bkool Bike Trainer Is Sturdy And Engaging With Virtual Reality


Pierre Michael Micaletti is all praises for Bkool turbo trainer which helped him to successfully complete his world record challenge. He says that he trains on the cycling trainer everyday to keep him fit and sharp for the races. The idea of pedaling non-stop struck him as he enjoys ultra long distance events that tests endurance and fitness of the cyclist and his bike. Before choosing Bkool trainer, Micaletti tried out different competing brands in the industry. He didn’t want the bike trainer to stop him from completing his challenge and so, he was very cautious about his choice.


Bkool turbo trainer impressed Micaletti with its reliability and strength. Not to mention the price that puts Bkool bike trainer at the top of other similar trainers in the market. Pierre Michael Micaletti is very happy about his choice as he says in his own words that the trainer worked perfectly all through his challenge. In fact, he recommends Bkool trainer for everyone who are looking for a virtual reality trainer at an affordable price.



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