Indoor Bike Trainer | Setup Your Bkool Trainer. Enter The 3D Racing World


Indoor Bike Trainer | Easy Bkool Trainer Setup Gets You Absorbed In The 3D World


One of the major disadvantages with advanced indoor bike trainer like Roto and Massi is that you have to spend a lot of time in getting your bike on and off the trainer. This can be a tiresome task if you want to mix up your indoor riding sessions with outdoor riding. Many professional cyclists use a separate bike for indoor training and on road training. This is not feasible for an average racer who is just starting out to become a professional cyclist. You can easily train like a pro with Bkool trainer without washing out your savings as the new advanced trainer is highly affordable and easy to setup.


Race With Your Friends In Your Indoor Bike Trainer And Enjoy Realistic 3D Rides


Setting up Bkool trainer takes only a few minutes. You have to slot your bike in and replace the skewer in your wheel with the skewer that comes with the product. Pop your bike on the trainer and place front wheel on the support. The fun part with Bkool indoor bike trainer begins when you register on Bkool website. You will get access to premium features which enable you to ride 3D racing videos and race with your friends.


After plugging in your trainer, it will automatically connect to the 3D simulator software on your laptop or tablet through the ANT USB wireless connection that comes with Bkool trainer. You can choose 3D routes you want to race and plan a workout session proactively. If you have your favorite routes, it will be displayed by the 3D simulator and you can quickly get into riding. The trainer powers to up to 1200W of energy progressively, offering resistance depending on the routes you choose. Once you have completed training, fold the trainer and store it away easily.


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