Bike Trainer | Understanding USA Cycling Race Categories


Bike Trainer | USA Cycling Categories And Their Working


If you are trying to become an elite cyclist training hard on a bike trainer, you need to know about the various racing competitions in the USA. The cycling race categories in the USA are a little bit different and without this knowledge, it can be confusing. The pro cyclists in the USA define themselves as a specific category racer in some type of racing. There are four types of racing categories in US – road racing, track, cyclocross, and mountain biking.


Train Hard On Bike Trainer To Perform In USA Cycling Races


In men’s racing, cyclists should start from category 5 and work up to category 1. In women’s racing, cyclists start from category 4 and work their way up to category 1. This is common for road and track racing. Cyclocross racers start from category 4 and work up. Similarly, mountain bike racers start at category 3 and work up. Each type of racing differs in the minimum requirements with respect to the number of miles, number of races and number of points. Unless a racer meets these requirements, he/she can’t upgrade to the next level. For racers, it is important to move forward which makes it essential to train on bike trainer.


Racers can score points and finish different races quickly to move up in the category. To know about these guidelines, you must refer the USA cycling rule book. The required points must be scored in a 12 month period so that the racer can upgrade his category. Once a racer meets his upgrade requirements, an upgrade request and resume must be submitted to USA cycling. That is why elite racers constantly train on bike trainer because they can’t afford to lose a race which can set them back. Moreover, indoor training prevents possibilities of injuries, the worst enemy for any racer.



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