Indoor Bike Trainer | 2015 UCI World Tour


Indoor Bike Trainer | The Grand UCI World Tour In 2015


Elite cyclists are training harder outdoor as well as on indoor bike trainer to prepare for the 2015 UCI World Tour which measures performance of cyclists in various racing events. The International Cycling Union (UCI) has launched its seventh edition of ranking system this year. The UCI world tour series has started with Tour Down Under on 20th January and it will conclude with Giro Di Lombardia on 4th October. The racing teams and cyclists are gearing up to make their mark in the legendary tour.


UCI World Tour Tests Work Done On Indoor Bike Trainer


Needless to say, the UCI World Tour is as demanding as a racing tour can get. The racing teams and pro cyclists participating in the event must stay fit for the duration of the event which lasts for 10 months. All the racing events from 2014, except Tour of Beijing are included in the 2015. There will be no time for the cyclists to enjoy a time out because they have to train harder on indoor bike trainer and outdoor to prepare themselves for the different races. Each race in the event will be different and on different course, which means that the cycling teams have to work in harmony to get through UCI World Tour.

A total of 17 proteams are participating in the 2015 event. After Tour Down Under, Rohan Dennis, Australian cyclist tops the list of individual riders. As far as teams are concerned, the BMC Racing Team is in the lead with star riders like Dennis and Evans. This team has made Australia proud, but the tour is a long way to go, which means that there will be changes in the scoreboard pretty soon. The next event will be Paris-Nice and the teams must log several hours on indoor bike trainer because there are about six racing events in March.



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