Indoor Bike Trainer | Bkool Is Josef Ajram’s Favorite Trainer


Indoor Bike Trainer | Josef Ajram Improves Performance Training On Bkool Trainer


Josef Ajram, multiple ironman competitor is delighted and excited by the features offered by Bkool indoor bike trainer. He recommends that home trainer is an integral part of every athlete’s training and he can’t get enough of Bkool turbo trainer. If you ask any athlete about training at home, all they can tell you is that home training is the best way to improve performance. Without the distractions commonly available on the road, training at home can give you all the benefits of on-road cycling even when the weather doesn’t permit you to ride outdoors.


Bkool Indoor Bike Trainer Provides Best Results With Virtual Reality


Josef Ajram is a dedicated person with passion for only a few things – stock market, sports and travel. He earns his living doing day trading and enjoys training for professional races. Even though he enjoys the adrenaline rush from day trading, he likes training hard for demanding races. In fact, Josef Ajram says that he enjoys training more than racing. That is why Bkool turbo trainer has become his favorite trainer to train at home when his schedule doesn’t permit him to ride outdoors. He says that when you have a daytime job, you need some sort of indoor bike trainer at home that lets you train harder within a short duration.


Josef Ajram is popular for his attempts to complete the RedBull 7 Islands challenge. Participating in seven IronMan competitions in seven days is a major task in itself. Ajram couldn’t complete the challenge during his first attempt due to being stung by jelly fish and heat stroke. He quit on day two which motivated him to train harder on his indoor bike trainer and outdoor in the sun. He prepared himself training upto 30 hours a week and enjoyed competing on the next RedBull 7 islands challenge.



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