Stationary Bike Stand | Ironman Champion Swears By Indoor Training


Stationary Bike Stand | Andy Potts Loves Indoor Training


2007 Ironman 70.3 world champion Andy Potts loves training on his stationary bike stand so much so that two-thirds of his ridings are indoors. Performance data is the key to measure fitness and efficiency and the trainers allow you to see in black and white whether you are improving. So many videos on YouTube can be found of professional cyclists sweating out on cycling trainers not just during winters or rains, but all through the year to improve their cycling performance on road.


Focused Training Offered By Stationary Bike Stand Is The Key To Winning Medals


Triathlete champions enjoy indoor training sessions on their bikes because they know that there will be no distractions. Cadence and power information is provided by advanced trainers like Bkool bike trainer which motivates cyclists to beat their previous performances. When it comes to hardcore training, the amount of workout offered by the stationary bike stand is unbeatable. Instead of riding for three to four hours on the road, Andy Potts says that he can get the same effect by riding for less than two hours indoors.


If a sweaty living room is not what you want, setup your Bkool trainer in your fitness room and let your family enjoy their time in the living room. You can also participate in spinning classes and athlete studios to bond with other athletes and enjoy some social time while getting intense workout. You can adjust the trainer to offer varying resistance and modern day trainers such as Bkool provides progressive resistance depending on the training route you choose. Andy Potts suggests that you need to have a variety of indoor sessions. He recommends four or five hard efforts in one-hour ride. This way, you can maximize training on a stationary bike stand without wearing out.



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