Sharper and more fluid videos in HD for an even more realistic experience


The latest BKOOL update takes you directly to your favourite video routes via a marked improvement in video quality

We are still obsessed with offering you a 100% realistic immersive cycling training experience. That is why our latest Simulator update includes a significant improvement in quality to the sharpness and fluidity of our routes in HD video.

The aim is to transport you to those places where you have always dreamed of pedaling, from a relaxing ride through New York’s Central Park to the challenging climb of the Italian volcano Mount Etna, or a fast descent from some of the peaks of the French Alps. Discover amazing nordic landscapes, cross the Grand Canyon or enjoy the brutal MTB routes on the Croatian islands.

You decide which room to set up your personal paincave in. We are in charge of making your mind fly to the most spectacular cycling scenery on the planet.

Plan your race strategy

From now on, you will be able to check the w/kg ration of each one of your opponents just by taking a look at each route’s ranking. Thanks to this parameter, you will be able to better understand the cyclist which are in front of, and behind you, and which wheel to follow based on your level. The data you need to optimise your race strategy.

Your Scheduled sessions, in order

Both your BKOOL training plan sessions, as well as the routes which you programmed on the website, will be shown in chronological order in the SCHEDULED section in the Simulator. Now knowing which session from your training plan you have today is much easier. Also, you will be able to plan your sessions for the whole week, and they will be shown in the order you set each day in the Simulator.


  1. I am sorry, but I have not been able to find any of those HD videos yet. Unfortunately, they continue to have the same poor quality and lack of detail that they had. As before, most of them have been recorded in motorbikes leaning at the curves and climbing mountains at 90km/h speed, and with a just “high quality” (if any) recording quality, clearly notices with the numbers of frames per second and consequent refreshment. The immersive experience continues to be disappointing.

    Is there any way to filter those “ultra-quality” videos in the session planner? Is there any description in the information of the stage to know what should be expected? Because I have found none.


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