The Tour de las Americas comes to BKOOL


Do you have plans for the next month and a half?

We present you with a spectacular journey, through 4 Latin American countries where we invite you to experience first hand four of the most beautiful and stunning races on the whole continent.

Get your Smart trainer ready and open up the Simulator because you are about to live an unmatchable cycling experience. Four top level races, Group Rides with our best ambassadors, incredible prizes draws, and above all, a lot of great cycling, which makes you feel good with each pedal.

You will have a week to complete each race and have your name included in the classification. Check the dates and do the route when it works best for you. Ready to let off a bit of adrenaline? Take part in our Group Rides and get competitive with cyclings from over more than 100 different countries.

Start a journey through the landscapes of 4 of the most beautiful territories on the planet. And the best thing of all, you can do so without leaving your home.

Rute Mexico Virtual by BKOOL

First week of the competition. The virtual edition of Ruta Mexico will take place in BKOOL from 19th to 25th July, just a few days before the actual edition of the Mexican Gran Fondo.

During the 7-day virtual event, you will be able to complete the route as many times as you like to climb positions in the classification. Two of the Group Rides for these days will be led by race ambassadors Jessica Elizalde and Sebastian Miranda.

Do you want more? Just for taking part in Ruta Mexico Virtual by BKOOL you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a spectacular jersey from the test. And if you live in Mexico, you will also be able to take away a free registration for the actual edition of the Gran Fondo which will take place in León (Guadalajara) on the following 8th August. The Registration includes another prize jersey!

Are you up for one of the most spectacular Gran Fondos in all of Mexico?

Brasil Ride Virtual by BKOOL

Get ready to live first hand a simply intense race. Both the MTB edition as well as the road Gran Fondo are two of the most important cycling events of all of Latin America. They will come to BKOOl from 2nd to 8th August and they will do so via a spectacular immersive experience in video and 3d.

Brasil Ride is much more than a race. They themselves say that it becomes a vital experience. And during the first week of August it will be you who experiences it in BKOOL.

Also, we will have non-stop Group Rides across the seven days, very special guests, and draws for truly amazing prizes….

It is the first virtual edition in its history and we can assure you it will be unforgettable. The biggest outdoor event in Brazil comes to BKOOL and we can only promise you one thing… You will be amazed!

Gran Fondo 7 Lagos Virtual by BKOOL

Can you imagine being able to enjoy a training session with friends through the most beautiful and amazing landscapes of Argentinian Patagonia? Gran Fondo 7 Lagos Virtual by BKOOL will transport you to one of the most spectacular natural corners of the world, via a cycling route which is difficult to forget.

The virtual edition of the stunning Argentinian Gran Fondo will land in BKOOL on 12th August and you will have until 19th to complete the route and be entered into the classification.

Its route will take you into the Lanín and Nahuel Huapi National Parks, discover its mountains first hand, and enjoy the beauty of its lakes and dense forests.

BKOOL in its raw state, enjoying cycling in an area of the world which is surrounded by an indescribable natural environment. With dozens of Group Rides full of competitiveness, sprints, attacks…prize draws, more special guests….. The #TeamUnlimited travels to Patagonia this August!

La Ruta Colombia Virtual by BKOOL

Last stop on our Tour de las Americas. On 23rd August we travel to Colombia to present you with the most important Gran Fondo in the country. You will be able to complete the route until  29th August if you want your name to be in the classification and to be entered into the prize draw. Check out the prizes you will be able to win!

La Ruta Colombia is pure history for amateur cycling in the Coffee Region. With 6 years behind it, a total of 12 editions and over 30,000 participants, it is one of the most important cycling events organiser in all of Latin America.

The event touches down in BKOOL to offer you the chance to experience all of its emotion and unmatchable beauty along its route, wherever you are. It will be a special week, with Group Rides at various different times, big ambassadors and a challenge appropriate only for the bravest out there. Don’t forget that we are in the country of the big climbers. Will you have what it takes?


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