Returning to training after the vacations

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Vacations are a perfect time to rest, relax and disconnect from the daily routine. This sometimes means putting sport to one side. Therefore, returning to training after this break is not easy. 

Getting back into the sporting routine, regaining fitness and getting back into the habit of training can be complicated. However, at BKOOL you have classes and training sessions adapted to your level that will help you to return to physical activity progressively without it being torture.

Tips for getting back to training after the vacations

To returning to training is important to start with adaptation routines in which the exercises should have a lower intensity than what you are used to. However, this is not the only recommendation. Here we leave you more tips for your return to the smart trainer:

Stretching and warm-up sessions

It is important not to force your muscles or demand too much from them after a break, as you may run the risk of injury. Training should be done gradually so that your body can get used to it again.

To do this, you can do long, intense warm-up and stretching sessions. This way you prepare your muscles properly for the exercise that will follow. 

It is a slow, but effective way to get your body and muscles warmed up and ready for subsequent workouts.

Don’t do your usual workout on the first day

You’ve stretched and warmed up and it’s time to start training. Don’t make the mistake of wanting to go back to where you left off before your vacation.

If you have been on hiatus for a while it is advisable to do gentle and progressive training, so do not try to do your usual routines as soon as you get back on the smart trainer. Choose simple routes with which you can train without fear of needles.

Reduce the cadence and duration of the session. A more moderate speed and a shorter time will help you avoid the stiffness that comes with returning to exercise. So, whatever your usual training is, try to make the first few days much more gentle and relaxed than what you are used to.

Set realistic goals

You have to be aware that if you have not trained for several days or even weeks you are not going to maintain the same physical shape. You can’t come in on the first day and ride for two hours with the same power you had before the break.

Therefore, try to set goals that you can meet on the first few days. Set yourself demanding and motivating challenges, but ones that you can achieve and that will help you progress. This way you will be more motivated and you will progress faster until you recover, or even improve, the physical form you had.

returning to training
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Don’t overtrain

The desire to make up for lost time can play a dirty trick on you. Training for too long and not respecting rest periods is a very common mistake that can sometimes lead to injury or muscle pain.  

Be patient. Try to train in moderation: resting and recovering 100%. You should always keep this advice in mind. A good rest and a correct recovery is essential to achieve maximum sports performance.

Take care of your diet and make sure it is balanced

During the vacations it is normal to neglect your diet and, consequently, gain some weight. But don’t let this discourage you, get back on the smart trainer and combine sports practice with a good diet.

A balanced diet includes fish, vegetables, meat, legumes and drinks such as water, fruit shakes or isotonic drinks. In this way it will be easier for you to get in shape and you will perform at a better level.

The supply of the necessary nutrients and the activation of the body is enough for you to recover your physical condition soon. Enjoy cycling and cycling routes all over the world while improving your performance.


Returning to training means resuming exercise gradually and calmly without pushing yourself more than you should. You must be patient and not try to recover the routine in two days, as it will only lead to injuries or muscle aches.

The combination of sports practice and healthy diet is the key to maintain the physical performance before the vacation period. Don’t be discouraged because you have lost endurance, get on the smart trainer and give those legs a workout!


  1. Thats my plan to return. Basically only ridden for 2 months since November 2020 due to awaiting replacement bike. First failed in November 2020, new bike arrived May 2021 & lasted 2 mths. Replacement not yet arrived 😒
    Be a slow return to pre November 2020 level.



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