Where to find a virtual coach

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In this avant-garde scenario in which e-cycling has carved out a promising future for itself, digital solutions such as online fitness trainers are popping up. Staying healthy or preparing for a challenging event is now possible right from the comfort of your own living room. So, where can I find a virtual coach and which one is the best on the market? Let’s take a look.

How can a virtual coach help you?

First of all, you have to value the benefits that a virtual trainer can provide you with. In this regard, an online coach brings together the knowledge and practice of a face-to-face coach, adding to this a series of advantages such as:

  • Schedule flexibility. Training at home means choosing the time and place that best suits you for your session.
  • Saves time. Exercising online eliminates the need to visit the gym or the place where you usually work out.
  • Saving money. By eliminating transport to the gym, sports centre or sports hall, you avoid expenses such as petrol, metro, bus, tram or parking.

The virtual coach provides different levels of sessions to all those who want to invest in their wellbeing with a specific objective: weight loss, increase in volume, improve speed, increase endurance, strengthen muscles, etc.

Therefore, regardless of the goal to be achieved, the online sessions are designed to achieve a physical evolution through regulated exercises that reduce the risk of injuries and muscle contractions.

Benefits of a virtual coach

We have outlined some of the advantages that an online coach has to offer, but the benefits do not end there.

The online sessions have a lower price, adapting to the wallet of each athlete. The virtual instructor thus guarantees versatile, accessible and affordable training for everyone.

In addition to being able to rely on the motivation and guidance of the coach during practice, signing up for training on a virtual platform, such as BKOOL, the indoor cycling simulator, also allows you to be part of a large community of users.

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Photo: BKOOL

The social component that encourages interaction with the rest of the virtual community is a factor that more and more users value. In the case of BKOOL, a shared cycling session, such as the Group Rides, increases the performance of the participants.

This is why BKOOL is one of the most recognised virtual trainers on the market, having built a space in which cyclists with their own objectives can meet, but with a common value: to enjoy the sport.

Where to find a virtual coach?

If you are looking for a virtual coach to help you achieve your goal, BKOOL, the indoor cycling simulator, is your solution. Whatever goal you have set for yourself, the online cycling modality is capable of achieving it and even surpassing it.

The offer of virtual sessions with different levels of difficulty, shared sessions and the possibility of designing your own training sessions define BKOOL as a great alternative for virtual training.

In addition to all the advantages and benefits of an online coach mentioned above, BKOOL adds other values such as:

  • A total of eight professional instructors for its fitness classes.
  • The participation of sports professionals in the programmed events.
  • The possibility of transporting yourself anywhere in the world using your routes.
  • The opportunity to simulate gradual outdoor routes by exporting your track to the application.
  • Training with sensors: connection to a heart rate monitor or cadence meter.

To carry out a virtual workout with BKOOL only requires an exercise bike or smart trainer to which the app is connected. Although you may consider the purchase of these items to be an expense, the reality is that it is an investment for the future. The longevity of these devices is extensive and will save you money in the long run.

Entertainment, performance and variety is guaranteed with BKOOL. Try it for free and join one of the largest cycling communities.


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