How to avoid connectivity issues when training indoors

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If there’s one thing that stands out about BKOOL, it’s our commitment to improving our virtual cycling simulator. Since its first release, the BKOOL platform has been noteworthy for its commitment to constant improvement and innovation.

In the simulator update launched last September, the pairing system was completely reworked to make pairing easier, improve connections with different types of devices (power meters, heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors, etc.) and solve some nagging connectivity issues. Thankfully, most of those issues are now behind us.

Direct access from the home screen

Among the new features of the BKOOL simulator is the ability to access the device pairing menu directly from the main screen of the simulator, before starting your session.

With the latest version, BKOOL now also allows access to the pairing menu DURING the session. This can be done from the top right corner of the screen and makes connectivity much easier.

You can now see the connection status of any of your paired devices at the click of a button whenever you want.

Improved “anti-cheating” system

BKOOL’s new pairing system is a breakthrough when it comes to measuring results and displaying rankings, something that makes BKOOL’s “anti-cheating” system more robust. This is a big step forward for BKOOL, as we continue to work to make BKOOL’s virtual competitions the fairest and most realistic in the world. The new updates allowing for better connectivity also mean more accurate metrics.

Thanks to all these improvements, many of the BKOOL connectivity issues reported by users have been solved. But, above all, the best news is that it is now much easier – and also much faster – to check the status of connections and solve small problems before they become big frustrations.

That being said, remember that if you have any issues with the BKOOL simulator, you can always send a report to BKOOL. Do this by clicking on “About app” on your profile menu in the simulator and scrolling down to “SEND REPORT TO BKOOL.” This way, we will have all your equipment data and simulator logs to help you solve various technical issues.

If you want to keep up to date with all our news and tips about BKOOL and the world of indoor cycling, don’t hesitate to visit our Magazine from time to time.


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