Tips for indoor training in summer

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Although some athletes limit the practice of indoor cycling to the coldest months of the year, this sport discipline has some advantages over road cycling that make it ideal for any time of the year: we should even train indoors in summer.

At this time of year, indoor cycling and its advantages can become allies for many athletes.

It allows us to optimize our time and enjoy more of other typical summer activities: gastronomy, beaches and many other activities with family and friends are the main protagonists in these months.

On the other hand, many areas around the world are being affected by strong levels of heat, where high temperatures are being experienced that can even pose a danger to the practice of outdoor sports. Indoor cycling, under the right conditions, allows us to continue our training without risk.

However, like any sport, indoor cycling has its particularities, and there are some things to keep in mind when cycling indoors.

Take care of the temperature of the room

We have already talked on other occasions about the importance of adequate cooling when practicing indoor cycling. In summer, due to the high temperatures, we must take even more care of this aspect.

Although the ideal option is the use of air conditioning to ensure a correct temperature, we know that it is not always possible. However, having a constant flow of continuous air is non-negotiable.

To do this, you can use a fan that you should place as far in front of you as possible, simulating the air that we find when we ride on the street. This helps our body to better regulate its temperature and, in this way, reduces the stress which we subject it to.

If you don’t use a fan, your pulse rate will be higher than normal for a given intensity and you will be overexerting yourself, which will cause you to lose a high percentage of watts.

Take care of hydration

In general terms, hydration is a key factor in sports performance, but when we talk about indoor cycling, its importance increases considerably.

A loss of only 2% of water from body weight reduces sports performance by up to 30%. If we take into account that, in indoor cycling, we sweat more than usual, this loss is also increased.

This is why we must take great care with our hydration, to ensure that our body’s fluid levels are at optimum levels at all times.

Avoid the middle of the day

Although we can take care of the two previous aspects, it is ideal to avoid the central hours of the day to train. These are the hottest times of the day and can jeopardize our performance.

The first hours of the morning or the last hours of the afternoon are ideal for your sessions. Choose the one that best suits your schedule and get to work.

Adjust your training

If, despite not having overlooked any of the above, you have the feeling that your sessions are being too demanding, do not hesitate to readjust your training and opt for simple workouts, leaving the intensity for more favorable days.

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