Advantages of virtual cycling over road cycling

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“Indoor cycling is an essential complement”. We don’t say it ourselves -we are not objective-, but a three times World Cycling Champion like Óscar Freire. One of his teammates, Óscar Sevilla, who is still active, is even more emphatic: “BKOOL is a great ally to keep performing as well as it does”.

It’s obvious that cycling is in fashion. Fortunately. And no matter which format we choose, any of its various modalities will help us improve our quality of life: cardiovascular health, muscle strengthening and fat burning. But if we take into account the accelerated pace that we all have, with stress, family and day to day, indoor cycling gains followers during the week and becomes a great tool to complement the exercise that we can do throughout the weekend.

If you haven’t given indoor cycling a try yet, today we’re going to err on the side of caution and break down how it can help you get hooked on the sport, train more or improve as a cyclist.

Advantages of virtual cycling over road cycling

1. Measure your performance

Of all the advantages, one stands out above all others: indoor cycling has no external agents that can reduce the reliability of your training: there’s no wind, no traffic lights or traffic that can affect your training.

If you are in the middle of a series of intensity, above the threshold, nothing will keep you from doing it at full throttle. Likewise, if you’re on a quiet run, you won’t have to keep an eye on whether cars are passing by or not.

In addition, with BKOOL, you can set a series of parameters to make your session more effective: you can train by watts, cadence or pulse. In addition, you will always have the information on the screen.

2. No risk of accident

The other great advantage that is causing a large number of people to switch to indoor cycling: the external agents that we mentioned a moment ago, all those related to traffic, disappear in the room and on the smart trainer.

Say goodbye to worrying if a vehicle is not aware that you are on the road, or if you have poor visibility. In addition, on the downhills you will only have to worry about catching your breath and recovering your pulse, since you won’t be able to go into the ditch if you take a wrong turn at any given moment.

3. Save time, and manage your schedule

One of the big disadvantages of outdoor cycling is that we depend on a specific weather and daylight hours. And having the time in our busy schedule to fit in those two or three hours of riding.

With indoor cycling and the smart trainer you are the master of your time and schedule. Do you have thirty minutes to train? On the trainer you can get a very interesting session out of riding around BKOOL, or enjoy one of our fitness classes.

4. The weather is no longer an excuse

Temperature, wind and humidity are sometimes not at all favorable for cycling outdoors. In certain regions, the fog takes over the horizon in mid-November and doesn’t lift until February. What to do then?

The smart trainer, and with it indoor cycling, eliminates all these drawbacks at a stroke. Make the weather not a variable to be taken into account when planning your session.

Advantages of virtual cycling
Picture: BKOOL

5. No breakdowns

Punctures? Chain failures? Electronic gears that you forgot to charge? In indoor cycling you may have some breakdowns, yes, but their risk of occurrence is much lower.

If you regularly check your bike to make sure everything is in order, and check the wear of the tire, you can have a bike for a long time without having to go to the workshop to change materials.

6. Train anywhere in the world

Although pedaling outdoors allows us to see the scenery, one of the advantages of indoor cycling is that you can train on routes anywhere in the world.

The BKOOL simulator allows you to move to the race you most want to practice without leaving home. This makes the session much more entertaining, since most of the routes are in 3D format and real video.


Indoor cycling has burst onto the scene to offer a number of advantages, and BKOOL is part of this evolution. This cycling simulator offers, among other features:

  • Personalized training design.
  • Adapted cycling classes.
  • Routes around the world.
  • Group Rides to train and compete with friends.

Learn more about this international cycling community here.


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