How to Devise a Training Plan for Your Bike Trainer


How to Devise a Training Plan for Your Bike Trainer

As part of your training plan, you should spend at least a few hours a week on bike stationary stand. To keep it interesting to work on a bicycle trainer, proper training plan is the key. On the internet, you can find several virtual training videos that suggest different types of workout strategies exclusively for cycling trainer. You can use these aids to devise a training plan that best suits your goals on bicycle trainer.


Determine The Need For Distractions

While it is fun to listen to music or watch TV while sweating it out on a stationary bike stand, you first have to determine whether you need those distractions. A study revealed that cyclists rode 27% longer when they didn’t listen to any music. Yet another study showed that trained cyclists displayed poorer performance when they listened to loud music. So, you have to understand that distractions can really distract you from completing your training plan with your full potential on an indoor bike trainer.

Training Plan Bkool
Training Plan Bkool


Use Tools To Monitor Your Performance

You need motivation to continue to ride indoors on bike rollers and there is no better motivation than seeing your own progress. You should at least have a heart rate monitor that shows how hard you are working. You can also download progress charts for cyclists and use them to record your performance during every riding hour. This way, you can understand how rollers help you to improve and complete your training plan.


Vary Bike Trainer Workouts To Avoid Boredom

Doing the same workout every day will burn you out sooner rather than later. Your bike trainer stand training plan should consist of variety in terms of interval sessions. In a week, you should have a couple of recovery days at 65% – 72% VO2 max and at least two high intensity days at 84% – 90% VO2 max and a couple of interval sessions.


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