Sport Nutrition | Needed For Cyclists On Indoor Bike Trainers


Sport Nutrition | Needed For Cyclists On Indoor Bike Trainers

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out to train for a triathlon, you will realize that the more you train, the more food your body craves. Rides that last for hours put your body under stress and your body needs more fuel to meet new demands. Not many cyclists know the right food to eat because hunger can be killing at times. People often make poor food choices when they are very hungry.  If you learn how to eat properly while training on indoor bike trainer, you can ensure that you always eat healthy and keep hunger at bay.


Sport Nutrition for Bike Trainer
Sport Nutrition for Bike Trainer

Sport Nutrition Advice #1 | Eat and Drink Before Training

You need to fuel your body before you batter it with endurance training. You should eat a carbohydrate rich meal at least two hours before your ride. If it has been longer than three hours since your last meal, you should have a healthy carbohydrate rich snack within one hour after starting your session. At the same time, you should not eat just before training because the food you eat should be digested completely before you perform any kind of hard exercise.


Sport Nutrition Advice #2 | Eat and Drink After Training

The food you eat immediately after training is as much important as the food you eat before training. Your body will expend all energy while training and to recover, it needs more fuel. You should eat a meal containing 20g-50g of carbohydrate and 10g-20g of protein immediately after training. You should eat within 40 minutes to start the recovery process after training on bike rollers for a couple of hours.


Sport Nutrition Advice #3 | Eat and Drink Depending On How You Train

The amount of calories your body needs depends on the amount of exercise your body goes through. So, you should plan your meal based on how hard you train. Energy needs will be different for different types of training on bicycle trainer and you should ensure that you eat adequately to keep your body fit throughout the day.


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