Bicycle Trainer | Bkool Is A Feature-Rich Trainer For Indoor Bike Training


Bicycle Trainer | Bkool Is A Feature-Rich Trainer For Indoor Bike Training


Bicycle trainer is an essential component needed by those who want to stay fit in winter to race in summer. There are so many trainers in the market that you may get carried away by the options. If you are looking for a cycling trainer that helps you to train and have fun at the same time, Bkool trainer is the best choice. This is the only budget friendly trainer that has all the features of an advanced trainer.


Bkool Bicycle Trainer Advantages And Features


Training indoors can be fun with the right type of indoor cycle. If the trainer has nothing more than training wheels to offer, you’ll quickly get bored with your workout. When you unbox the trainer, you’ll find the Bkool trainer and a simple ANT+ USB stick that creates the magic whilst you’re working out.


  • Assembly of trainer is pretty straightforward and simple because the unit is already pre-assembled.
  • Setting up the 3D simulator is very easy. Connect the ANT+ USB to your computer and download the simulator app.
  • The bicycle trainer comes with the perfect blend of entertainment and training details that any racer will find useful and interesting.
  • Even though calibration is not available, the accuracy of power cadence sensor is very good and you won’t need any other device to measure power.
  • The 3D simulator offers real time experience and you’ll have access to unlimited routes for a very small monthly subscription. When you receive your Bkool, you can enjoy premium features without having to pay for subscription initially. More info.
  • Ride multi-player on your Bkool trainer with people around the world. Create teams, race leagues and competitions that will keep you motivated to come back to your cycling trainer day after day.


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