Bike Trainer Stand | Analyze Your Data To Improve Performance


Bike Trainer Stand: Improve As A Cyclist With Customized Analysis Plans


Logging hour after hour of rigorous training on your bike trainer stand is essential to improve your performance as a cyclist. However, mindless training won’t get you anywhere. You need to analyze your performance frequently to see where you are lagging behind. Without this information, you will be lost because you won’t know your mistakes. Bkool advanced turbo trainer is the best in the industry to analyze performance because your data will always stay on the cloud. Wherever you go, your performance data will go with you.


Bkool Bike Trainer Stand
Bkool Bike Trainer Stand

Customized Plans To Work On Bike Trainer Stand Skills


Bkool trainer software includes a powerful analytical platform that calculates data from your training sessions. You can easily compare your performance with your peers using the ranking system of the Bkool software. You can customize comparison details so that you compete only with your friends. This will motivate you to train harder and become a smart cyclist.


Before hopping on a bike trainer stand, it is best to set your goals and plans. You can input your goals details to the analytical engine to create customized training plans. This is how Bkool trainer differs from other trainers in the industry because you can actually work towards your goals. With the history always available in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about keeping your analysis data safe.


You can import routes to the simulator software of Bkool trainer so that you can train on hard terrains from your home. You can also setup training zones to define strength and pulse zones with much greater precision. By training on Bkool bike trainer stand, you can easily check your progress as you can see how you started and how you have progressed so far. If you are proud of your performance, export your sessions so that other Bkool users will know how you have benefited from your hardcore training.


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