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Indoor Bike Trainer With 3D World Will Rock Your World

If you want to enjoy riding your indoor bike trainer, you should experience 3D simulator offered by BKool turbo trainer. Once you experience the power of 3D simulator software, you will never want to go back to your old trainers. Many professional cyclists have even stopped training outdoor regularly because they can ride on more than 500,000 routes all over the world just from their home.


Indoor Bike Trainer with Friends
Indoor Bike Trainer with Friends

Ride Alongside Your Friends In 3D World With Indoor Bike Trainer

Bkool trainer is the first trainer in the market to offer 3D simulator and training experience. You can cover any route on the planet so that you don’t have to repeat your previous ride for many years. The routes are constantly updated and you can easily find latest routes uploaded by other Bkool users. You don’t have to feel trapped in your cycling trainer as you can ride with up to 100 players using Bkool software. The voice chat feature mimics on-road experience because you can chat with riders riding with you. This feature can be turned off if you want to ride solo without any distraction.


Your riding session will be as close to on-road riding session as possible with the 3D video routes. If you want to challenge your friends on a never before seen terrain, simply use the Bkool simulator app on your smart phone to record the terrain. You can share your own route with other Bkool riders so that all of you can ride on custom created routes.


Irrespective of the type of laptop or smart phone you own, you can use Bkool indoor bike trainer simulator software as it is compatible with multiple platforms. You can easily connect your rider to your laptop or smartphone with wireless ANT+ USB connection. You can also connect your spotify account to liven your riding session with your favorite music.


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