Rollers | Indoor Training Is Much More Fun With Bkool Trainer


Have Fun Practising Indoor Training With Bkool Trainer


The unpleasant winter need not put an end to your cycling fitness because you can use rollers to train indoors. After riding outdoors in a warm sunny weather, getting holed up in your home riding bicycle trainer monotonously may not inspire you. BKool turbo trainer has however changed the concept of riding indoors. You will actually forget that you are riding indoors because the trainer’s 3D simulator software is so real that you will feel like riding on the road.


Training Indoors On Rollers Is Exciting And Inspiring


The BKool turbo trainer comes with a powerful trainer component and the most useful simulator program. What makes BKool different from the rest in the industry is its superior 3D simulator software that connects trainer to your laptop. To avoid boredom, you don’t have to watch TV or listen to music that isn’t going to do anything good to your training. Instead, make your indoor training session more productive by riding on virtual video routes.


Often, the problem with rollers is the lack of resistance. BKool trainer provides resistance depending on the route you ride. You will find real on-road resistance when you train using 3D videos on BKool turbo trainer. There are more than 500,000 routes in the simulator database and you will be spoilt for choices. If no routes are inspiring for you, create your own route using smartphone app and challenge your friends.


What makes training on BKool more exciting is the option to ride with up to 100 cyclists at a time. The voice chat feature allows you to chat with your riders to get real road experience. You can create rollers cycling league teams and compete with each other. To make your winter training more exciting, create and participate in virtual sports events. This indoor bicycle trainer experience will change the way you have seen indoor training for good.


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