Stationary Bike Stand | Virtual Reality Is The Way To Train


Stationary Bike Stand | Feel The Power With Virtual Reality


The most common difficulty that most cyclists find with stationary bike stand is the absence of visual treatment available on the road. When you ride on the road, you will eventually see other people and sights that are not available in the confines of your home. However, you don’t have to state this reason not to train at home any more because the Bkool trainer comes with the most advanced virtual reality 3D simulation ever. You won’t even realize that you are actually training indoors when you hook your trainer with the software.


Realistic Experience With Your Stationary Bike Stand


The Bkool trainer connects to your PC or laptop via USB ANT+ stick. This enables wireless transmission of signals between the trainer and computer. Once you are connected, launch the simulator software on your PC and choose your favorite route. The software features more than 500,000 routes and the database is constantly updated. Real videos from real people make the ride even more real.


Riding solo is the best way to improve your cadence on stationary bike stand. However, if you want some inspiration and motivation, you can ride with your friends and other Bkool riders in the virtual world. The simulator software allows you to ride with up to 100 friends online. If the existing video routes aren’t challenging enough for you and your friends, you can easily shoot videos of your favorite routes and upload to the cloud. Your friends will be able to share and ride on your route instantly.


To make the ride even more realistic, you can voice chat with your pals while riding on your own stationary bike stand. Multiplayer mode is useful to create leagues and matches in which you can participate with your team and enjoy the rush you will feel on the road.


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