Bike Trainer | Training Tips From OptumHealth Pro Cycling Team


Bike Trainer | OptumHealth Pro Cycling Team shares its secrets to success


Riders from OptumHealth Pro Cycling Team are happy to share their winter training secrets and they admitted loving the workout they get from a bike trainer. To maintain fitness for the summer season, it is absolutely essential for the racers to continue training on cycling trainers in winters. Winter training session can be more fun with the right turbo trainer that makes it possible for you to have fun while strengthening your cycling skills.


Tips To Accomplish Best Training On A Bike Trainer


According to Jason Donald, you should never workout more than 90 minutes per session on a trainer. He suggests that if you want to put in more time towards training, you should include a morning session and an afternoon session. Mike Creed likes his tempo work on indoor bike. If the weather is bad, he claims that a 20 minute tempo work on the bike is a great way to stay fit indoors. Then, he will ride outside when the weather permits outdoor training.


Alex Candelario, a world cup track rider maintains his endurance capacity using turbo trainer at home. The progressive resistance offered by modern day trainers helps him to achieve maximum capacity. He likes trainers that are quiet so that he can ride in his living room while his wife keeps him company watching her favorite movies. Ryan Anderson likes to keep his workout on bike trainer short and sweet. He recommends cyclists to plan specific workouts so that you will be motivated to train hard without being sucked by the boredom of indoor training.


Everyone in the team recommends that you find ways to entertain yourself on bike trainer so that you don’t get bored. While some riders prefer music or movies, some of them prefer interval training to keep them motivated.


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