Bike Trainer | Plan the Perfect Workout With Bkool Trainer


Bike Trainer | Plan the Perfect Workout With Bkool Trainer


If you ask any pro racer about the right way to train on a bike trainer, they’ll tell you to plan your workout properly. You’ll be riding your cycling trainer  a few times a week and if you don’t have a plan in mind, you’ll end up simply logging hours without improving your performance. You can’t ride like a machine everyday because sometimes you want to ride for fun, and on other days you want to improve performance but your body requires days to recover. Bkool trainer allows you to customize your workout sessions so that you can work towards your goal.


Set Up Your Bike Trainer Profile Online And Train Whenever You Want


When you have a workout plan devised for you, you don’t have to think about what you are going to do on the trainer. Bkool trainer surpasses all its competitors with the online profile interface and 3D simulator program. Before starting to ride on your bike trainer, setup your online Bkool profile and plan your session. Sessions relate to workout plans on your trainer, which enables you to plan well in advance. Once you have marked routes, videos and sessions as your favorites, you can quickly access those for every training hour.


You can choose to ride a route, game type scenario or real time videos depending on your choice. You can also train as a solo trainer or choose multiplayer mode to ride with other Bkool enthusiasts. What makes Bkool trainer more interesting, is the ability to create leagues and teams. You can participate in existing sports events and if you are adventurous enough, create your own sports event. You don’t have to simply dream about racing staying indoor because you can actually feel like racing with the virtual reality software provided by Bkool bike trainer.


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