Bicycle Trainer | Pro Cycling Teams Are In Final Training Stages For Giro D’Italia 2015


Bicycle Trainer | Giro D’Italia 2015 Tests Ultimate Performance


Giro D’Italia is one of the grand tours that are a dream for major professional cyclists. The annual biking race is held in and around Italy where experts on bicycle trainer compete for the most coveted pink jersey. The race was initially held in 1909 and it has been held every year except for the two World Wars. The 2015 Giro includes six mountain finishes, three days of climbing, six stages for sprinters and 59.2 km individual time trial from Treviso to Veldobbiadene. The Giro tour is popular for the testing that the cyclists have to undergo for three weeks. The racing event starts on May 9th and lasts until May 31st.


Indispensable Bicycle Trainer Used By Giro Teams For Training


The Giro’D Italia is not for the weak hearted as the three weeklong event tests different aspects of an athlete. The athletes must be at their top fitness level because every stage is crucial to success. Keeping the lead on as many stages as possible is the goal of many cycling teams because even a minor setback can compound to a loss at a later stage. The pros include multiple sessions on indoor bicycle trainer at least a few times a week because climbing and sprinting are important stages in the Giro tour.


The 2014 Giro D’Italia was won by Nairo Quintana who was the first Colombian to win the title. The 24 year old rider won the race by almost three minutes. Nairo took the lead in the 16th stage and sealed his with Mountain Time trial. This year, riders will get a chance to record their times up Passo del Mortirolo a week before the queen stage of the Giro. Amateur riders are sweating it out on bicycle trainer for the timed ascent of the mountain.



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