Indoor Bike Trainer | Test Your Endurance In The Transamerica Trail


Indoor Bike Trainer | Train Indoor And Enjoy Riding In The Transamerica Trail


Professional cycle riders unanimously agree that training using indoor bike trainer is essential to improve biking skills. While indoor training concentrates on improving every single aspect of training, you have to train outdoor too so that you can get a real experience of riding on the roads. In fact, professional cyclists train outdoor at least twice a week because road provides some completely new challenges. Before participating in week long races, you need to test your endurance and North America offers some beautiful routes for long distance bicycling.


Get Off Indoor Bike Trainer And Get On Transamerica Trail


The Transamerica Trail is one of the classic routes taking you from Oregon to Virginia. This trail was opened during Bikecentennial, a celebration for bicycle riders. This was one of the first bike trails inaugurated and its success paved way for more exclusive bike trails in the whole of America. Depending on your training schedule, you can cross Transamerica trial as fast or as slow as you want. Instead of riding virtual rides in your indoor bike trainer, riding along national parks and beautiful beaches can give you a break from the monotonous riding.


The trial consists of a mix-up of hills and flat lands, providing an opportunity for you to test your climbing and sprinting skills on road. You can enjoy this cycling route with a little competition from your fellow riders. You will start with a climb in Oregon and ascend down Lochsa River. When you reach Missoula, you will experience cyclists lounge. As you enter Colorado, you can enjoy long climbs on snow covered peaks. Cyclists on indoor bike trainer often dream about the Rocky Mountains which you can experience on this trail. The Great Plains offer a flat terrain which will quickly change into a roller coaster ride as you enter Missouri. After a few climbs on mountains of Appalachians, you can finish your ride in Virginia.





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