Stationary Bike Stand | 2015 Tour De France Route Revealed


Stationary Bike Stand | Sprinters And Climbers Will Have Upper Hand In 2015 Tour De France


The 102nd Grand Tour De France begins on July 4 in Utrecht Netherlands, outside of France. Cyclists have to plan their stationary bike stand sessions properly because the Tour De France is all set for climbers and sprinters. The first stage is a short 13.7km individual time trial. Then, the race progresses to two days in Belgium, finally leads the racers up to France. At the end of first week, the cyclists have to finish the climb of La Fleche Wallonne which features for the first time in Tour De France. At the ninth stage, the racing teams have to compete in team trial atop La Pierre Saint Martin. Then, the racers have to participate in transition days in Pyrenees followed by Montee Laurent Jalabert. On the penultimate day, riders have to finish at the top of Alpe d’Huez.


Stationary Bike Stand Pro Cyclists Find The Stages Exciting


Top cyclists who regularly train on stationary bike stand are happy with the Tour De France stages. The pros say that the first week will be more tiring with a lot of sprinting. Time trialing is very limited in the 2015 Tour, which means that climbing the mountains makes all the difference. There are a total of six mountain top finishes which require all the racers to be in perfect shape before they attempt the race.


Current champion Vincenzo Nibali will appear in the Tour and everyone is surprised that Chris Froome, a very famous climber hasn’t decided his goals yet. Giro Champion Nairo Quintana and Alberto Contador will also appear in the Tour De France and the route favors them with a short time trial and team trial. Pros have to work much harder on their stationary bike stand as the race is just around the corner and the competition is fierce.



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