Stationary Bike Stand | Enjoy A Scenic Cycling Tour In The Pacific Coast


Stationary Bike Stand | Enjoy The Scenery While Biking In The Pacific Coast


Riding on stationary bike stand is all work and no play if you use simple traditional bike rollers. However, with modern day technology, you can enter a virtual world that will make you forget that you are actually training indoor. Even with the most advanced simulator software, sometimes, it is better to ride outside, especially when the surrounding scenery is too good to resist. Most cyclists enjoy pedaling outdoor because of the visual treat offered by scenic routes. If you want to have a more relaxed cycling tour in North America, you should choose the Pacific Coast.


Have Fun Away From Stationary Bike Stand On The Route With Visual Treat


Cycling is an inherently strenuous workout, especially if you plan on a multiple day cycling tour. While you get the workout, it won’t harm you if the route offers picturesque surroundings. The route begins with Vancouver, British Columbia and you can ride in the rural areas of Washington. As you cross Deception pass, you will enter US Naval reservation and then enjoy a pleasant ferry ride to Port Townsend. When you enter Oregon, you can start riding down the coast and the visual pleasure can’t be provided by even by the most sophisticated simulator on a stationary bike stand.


Along the coast, you can find many parks which invite you to take a break from stressful cycling. California coast offers diverse riding experience as you pass through large cities and rural areas. Redwoods offer a wonderful biking experience, but you should be cautious of other types of traffic. When you ride Pacific Coast during peak season times, you should ensure that you take into account the amount of tourist traffic that the coast attracts. Nevertheless, a ride along the Pacific coast is a welcome change if you forgot having fun on stationary bike stand.



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