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Enter the completely new cycling world and improve your cycling experience with the Strava cycling application.

Strava enables you to keep track of all your rides, runs and trainings over your smartphone and/or cycling computer. An added quality is the fact that you will be able to connect with a global social network and exchange your results with other cyclists from all over the world. Along with this, you can save your data and analyse it later to further improve your cycling.

With the Strava cycling application, you can connect wirelessly to a smart device, computer and the global network of cyclists. This enables you to have constant access to useful data. It is also very good at giving cyclists the information they want to help achieve goals. Using wireless communication through a smart device, it enables cyclists to use elements such as real time tracking and quick data upload.


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 Strava is a useful cycling software that is an excellent solution and support for training, touring or racing.

The user interface is easy to understand and use, and easily readable. It is compatible with GPS and similar satellite networks for quicker data upload and better access to any available network. Strava will serve you reliably even in extreme conditions such as off road races and adventurous cycling through areas with thick woods. Strava is robust and durable and will serve you reliably as long as your smart device can keep up with the conditions.

The Strava application used on Apple or Android devices offers numerous different options through excellent wireless function. It will enable cyclists to get a whole array of data that is completely accurate about their ride. It is also very sparing, because while it works it also saves phone battery – in case an emergency call is needed. A cyclist can send new data about his race as soon as he finishes recording, so large volume of new data will be instantly available on the global social network. There it can be commented on, shared, and added to forums or clubs. Every cyclist will this way feel more motivated to work on the improvement of his results.




The great thing about Strava software is that you can download it and use it for free. Of course, the free version has its limitations. If you want to have more options, such as setting of personal goals (to be achieved), leader boards with filters, and extensive maps, you will have to upgrade to Premium membership that comes with the monthly fee.

However, for dedicated cyclists who want to improve and advance continuously, Strava is definitely an excellent application to use. It will enable the user to keep track of his results, to set up new goals and make sure that he achieves them.


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