Bkool Winter Cup – Final Week


The Bkool Winter Cup is ending

Winter Cup

The Bkool Winter Cup is close to its end and we can say that this has been the biggest Virtual Cycling Tour ever run with about 2800 Bkoolers taking part. By now we have a rider clearly leading the race, while the second and the third place are very close.

Anyway this is a provisional ranking and if you have some stages already left, you can complete them until Tuesday April 4th and try to be our Winter champion! How is going to get the final win? Bkoolers stay tuned because the final day is coming with even more surprises for you with a Bkool Challenge the final day, so anything can happen until the last day.

End of party Giro d’Italia 100 edition stage

As every single Great cycling Tours ending finish in great places, we want to do it for the Bkool Winter Cup too. The Tour de France finishes in the Champs Elysees , La Vuelta in Madrid town center and the Giro usually finishes in Milan.

We want to join the celebration for the 100 Giro d’Italia celebrating the first Bkool Winter Cup final stage in the 21st Giro 2017 stage that starts in a month.

A new era arrives with Bkool Virtual Cycling Tours, and this progress wouldn’t be possible without great races that have been attracting fans for many years, like the Giro, and this is our particular tribute for the race.

A brief review about the history of this race. The first Giro took place in 1909 and it started in Milan and it has been canceled just during the two World Wars.

The Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey) that the leader and final winner wear was introduced in 1931 and it’s the identity card of the race but also the colour of the sports daily called La Gazzetta dello Sport that created the race.  The first edition there was a point sorting and it had just 8 stages.

We want to finish the Bkool Winter Cup in Milan, the town where the Giro began. The stage is the same final time trial where Giro 2017 will end. This easy individual time trial is flat and sometimes downhill and seems to be easy with just 28 km. The stage starts in the village of Monza with a lap in the circuit the temple of speed and Ferrari fans. The stage finishes in Milan at Piazza del Duomo with the flamboyant gothic cathedral.

You can choose between two different times to join the Bkool  Final Challengue of the Bkool Winter Cup at 17:30 and 19:30. Stay tuned because the effort is worth more than ever, because we are giving away 5 prizes for 5 random Bkoolers that star and finish the Bkool Challenge. Here you can check the prizes:

– 1 Bicycle saddle from SELLE SMP, the official saddle from the Mongolia Bike Challenge

– 1 cycling pack from COFIDIS

– 2 packs of cycling nutrition from PLANIFICA TUS PEDALADAS

– 1 pair of sunglasses from NORTHWEEK.

That’s right Bkoolers, 5 prizes for 5 Bkoolers.

Selle Winter Cup Planifica tus Pedaladas Northweek Winter Cup Cofidis Winter Cup

Raffle #BkoolWinterCup

Tell us what you thought about the competition… To take part in the raffle, follow us on Instagram or Twitter and fill out this simple form telling us what you thought about the Bkool Winter Cup, and how you’d improve it for future editions!

We’re giving away the following prizes to random people who follow us on Instagram/Twitter and fill out the form:

– 2 packs of cycling nutrition from PLANIFICA TUS PEDALADAS

– 1 pair of sunglasses from NORTHWEEK.

Good luck Bkoolers !



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