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Here at Bkool, we’re very proud to announce some news, but this time the news is not in the form of a new update or some exclusive functionality. Bkool is the first simulator has organised a cycling challenge focused mainly on its female users.

The event will take place on Tuesday 19 April at 18:00h and we already have quite a few female Bkoolers already confirm their attendance through the Facebook event.


Instructions to participate in the Bkool Ladies Challenge

The way to join the session will be explained below. The route chosen for the challenge is “Sentvid-PODCETRTEK SLO“, a beautiful 18km ride in Slovenia. Here’s the profile:


To participate in the Challenge, you must enter the simulator at the time of the event and select the session which will be marked as highlighted in the LIVE section of the Bkool cycling simulator. If you don’t see the event at first, do not worry. We recommend that you refresh the simulator (bottom left). Don’t join any other session unless it’s highlighted because you will join the wrong one.

Once you’ve entered the correct session, you can take advantage of the initial ten minutes warm-up from 18:00 to 18:10h. At 18:10h the challenge will start and will publish both the classification of the event as the name of the winners of the draws on our Facebook page in the following days.

The prizes!

As you’ve probably seen, we’re giving away two prizes to two different female Bkoolers! The prizes are the following:

  • An official Bkool heart rate monitor


  • 1 Year subscription to the Bkool simulator.


From Bkool, we intend to do our bit to help the women’s cycling world grow. We have received more than one request from our users to organise some kind of competition or challenge focused on the female Bkoolers and we have found the perfect way to showcase your comments. Of course, male participation is not restricted, but men are not eligible for the prizes.

Given the success of our challenges week after week, we believe this is a great opportunity to show that women’s cycling is more active than ever and continues growing. Help us make it the biggest challenge of the year! We count on you!


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