How often should we adjust the intensity of our training?


One of the biggest problems that an athlete can suffer from when training on a daily basis is getting stuck in a continuous routine and intensity that can even make training become a boring and unmotivating activity.

How to avoid stagnation?

To avoid stagnation, it is advisable to vary and alternate routines and intensity from time to time so that workouts are much more diverse and dynamic. It is advisable to make this change every three or four weeks.

It is true that there are a series of exercises and routines that athletes should perform whenever they train. These are exercises linked to any type of training. However, there are others that can be varied and, in this way, avoid stagnation.

The main objective of changing routines and intensity is for the body to train and adapt to the different exercises and activities in order to be much more physically prepared for each activity. However, depending also on the degree of experience of each athlete, the activities should vary more or less frequently.

Therefore, BKOOL has customised workouts and classes that help to modify the routine and design a workout tailored to the needs of each user. In these exercises, each athlete sets the desired intensity.

When do I have to change my routine and intensity?

It all depends, above all, on the degree of experience. Beginner athletes are undoubtedly the ones who can maintain the same routine for several months. This is because any athlete who is just starting to train has a long way to go to progress in all aspects and, therefore, a long period of time must elapse before he or she can adapt to a particular training routine.

Therefore, it is recommended that beginner athletes maintain the same routine for several months and, depending on the improvements they experience, begin to consider variations in their training.

However, athletes who have been training and competing for some time and are used to training on a daily basis can afford to vary their training activities more frequently.

An experienced athlete has mastered different types of training and should set himself new challenges and varieties in his activities so that he does not stagnate and, above all, continues to improve and progress.

What should be kept in mind is that including variety does not mean that completely new workouts and routines are performed. The goal is not to include new exercises in a crazy way, but to habituate our body to adapt to different activities that require time and work and to which we also have to get used to. If we constantly vary our exercise, we will not progress and we will not get used to new routines.


Factors that can be decisive

As we are finding out, it is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question. Each athlete is different and there are many factors to take into account such as the degree of experience in gyms, age, gender, health status, etc.

These individual variables can determine not only the type of training you can do, but also the frequency with which you can include variables. That is to say, depending on the degree of adaptation that your body may have, you will have to use one frequency or another.

That is why, although there is a period of time to vary in training routines for both beginners and experienced, the answer to this question often depends on each individual athlete.


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