Benefits of smart trainers for cyclists

Picture: BKOOL

Indoor cycling has advantages that make it the perfect tool for cyclists of all levels, because it minimizes risk of injury and makes training more effective by optimizing your training time. That’s why more cyclists are deciding to incorporate indoor training into their routines. To do this, the first step is to buy a trainer, and this is where everyoin asks the same question: is a smart trainer really worth it?

The variety of trainers on the market is huge: from basic mechanical trainers to electronic controllable smart trainers, and even rollers. Many cyclists wonder if the higher cost of a smart trainer is justified. The answer, without a doubt, is yes. And we’re about to tell you why.


Sport should be fun, and today’s controllable smart trainers unlock some truly unprecedented fun potential. You can connect with virtual cycling simulators such as BKOOL quickly and easily, and get access to a whole new world of virtual cycling opportunities.

What does this mean for you? It means your training will be much more fun and exciting, because of the infinite possibilities that virtual cycling offers: from personalized training sessions, to racing against other cyclists from all over the world, to the chance to explore literally millions of real world routes. Want to climb the most epic mountain passes of the Tour de France, the Vuelta a España or the Giro d’Italia? With BKOOL, it’s all possible!


Linked to the previous point, we find the realism provided by controllable smart trainers when paired to an advanced simulator like BKOOL. A basic trainer can’t adapt resistance to simulate terrain changes. However, controllable smart trainers can automatically change resistance depending on the route, and even simulate slopes as high as 20%.

Thanks to this, indoor training is much more dynamic and entertaining. It also allows for more targeted and specific training. Imagine that you have an upcoming race with steep climbs, and you want to simulate the conditions. With a basic trainer, it’s practically impossible, but a controllable smart trainer allows you to connect to a simulator platform and choose a hilly route — or even, in the case of BKOOL, upload and ride the actual route of your event with accurate resistance matched to the real terrain. You can literally pre-ride all your race courses from home.


When it comes to performance, a controllable smart trainer can have you training at a higher level for several reasons. First, it can measure and store all of our data, something a basic trainer can’t do. Not all cyclists have a power meter or cadence sensors, but most smart trainers have those built in, allowing you to train with accurate data, automatically recorded, stored and analyzed.

Training by power zones is essential for improved performance. That’s where a smart trainer’s sensors and an advanced diagnostic platform like BKOOL come in handy. You’ll have all your data at your fingertips and can compare your progress at any time.

In addition, when using BKOOL’s platform and a controllable smart trainer, you can take advantage of ERG mode: set your target wattage,  then all you have to focus on is pedaling. BKOOL and your trainer will do the rest, adjusting resistance to keep you within your prescribed power range.

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