Nutrition | Stay Fit While Training On an Indoor Bike Trainer


How To Stay Fit While Training On Indoor Bike Trainer

If you are training on a stationary bike stand to stay fit, you should understand that nutrition plays a major role. Expert racers concentrate as much on the food as they train. Without the right amount of fuel, your body can’t function at optimal rates. When you want to race on the roads, you need to ensure that you are trained to ride for the required amount of time without getting tired. You may have to spend an hour or two racing on the road and you have to stay sharp during the entire race.

Nutrition and Diet Should Be A Long Term Goal

Your health is very important to reach your full potential as an athlete. When you provide your body with ample nutrition, you can ensure that you stay healthy before and after the race. You should follow a good diet program as you train on bike rollers so that you can perform well on the roads.

Pay Attention To Calorie Consumption

Anything you eat is converted into calories and you should know how many calories you eat per day. For a normal person, calorie need is 30 calories per kilogram of whole body weight. For a cyclist, you should add 0.15 to 0.17 calories per minute for every kilogram of body weight. You should eat food matching the number of hours you ride your bike.

Maintain Appropriate Timing To Eat

While the food you eat is very important, the time at which you eat your food is even more important. If you plan for a training session on a bike stationary stand, eat at least two hours before riding on the bike. For training sessions that last for more than an hour, eat an energy bar after an hour to keep up your energy levels. After completing your workout, eat food containing carbohydrates and proteins within 40 minutes to promote recovery.


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