Bicycle Trainer | Dani King Needs Motivation For Indoor Training


Bicycle Trainer | Engage Yourself Like Dani King While Training


Dani King, Olympic gold medalist and three times world champion in women’s team pursuit trains indoors on bicycle trainer several times a week. Regularly going out to train outdoor can sometimes become difficult, especially if you have to hold down a job and take care of your family. Dani recommends having a variety of indoor sessions so that you can utilize the time you have in a better way. Even though Dani King loves outdoor training, she gets a great workout indoor when it is raining or icy on the road. With bad weather lasting for a few days or more, keeping yourself motivated during your training will help you to train in a much better way.


Bkool Bicycle Trainer With 3D Simulator Motivates You Easily


Looking at plain walls while training indoor can soon have its toll on you. That is why many cyclists prefer listening to music or watching some DVDs while riding indoors on bicycle trainer. However, if you want to really concentrate on riding, you should avoid distractions in the form of music or movies like pro cyclists. Monitoring power and cadence and enjoying short burst interval sessions can be helpful, but to truly enjoy indoor training on bicycle trainer, you should experience 3D simulator of Bkool trainer. You will get absorbed in the virtual 3D world and you won’t even realize that you have trained for more than an hour.


Bkool’s powerful 3D simulator software enhances virtual world with real life videos on every possible route on the earth. The bicycle trainer is designed to communicate with simulator all the time so that you will experience on-road resistance depending on the route you have chosen for your training session. Beating your own numbers can’t be as much fun as competing with other racers. With Bkool simulator, you can race with up to 100 friends. If you want to test yourself, create events or participate in events with your virtual league teams.



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