Bike Rollers | Maximize Benefits Using Advice From Sir Chris Hoy


Bike Rollers | Sir Chris Hoy Approves Of Indoor Training On Bkool Trainer


Sir Chris Hoy, the most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time enjoys working out on bike rollers. He recommends pro cyclists and amateurs to train properly in winter so that they can be at the pinnacle of fitness when the time comes to racing. Sir Chris says that turbo training can be really hard, but with a goal, your hard work will be highly rewarding. He commented that he will always visualize being on the Olympic tracks while riding the turbo to keep up his motivation. Needless to say, all his hard work on trainer has paid off beautifully and it’s time for everyone to learn from the pros.


Establish Session Plan On Bike Rollers To Benefit From Indoor Training


Sir Chris says that you need to have a goal in mind before hopping on cycling trainer. Your goal can be anything from points on your racing license or PB in any time trial. Having a goal will help you to keep pushing even when you feel like stopping pedaling your bike. Once you have a goal, you need to have a plan that details efforts necessary to realize your goal. Your bike rollers session should incorporate plans to reach your goal.


If you are training to climb hills, you should take up high gear bursts. If speed is your goal, you should do 60 second intervals with 60 second recoveries. You can go for classic and popular 2×20 minute race and pace effort if you are a time trialist. Sir Chris admits that the possibilities are simply endless for sessions. Especially, if you have a turbo trainer like Bkool, the time spent on bike rollers will fly away with amazing realistic 3D videos and the ability to race with up to 100 friends while pedaling in your own home.



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