Indoor Bike Trainer | Ben Swift Is Keen On Performance Numbers


Indoor Bike Trainer| Ben Swift Emphasizes Performance Measurement


Ben Swift is a rising star in Team Sky with a strong start in 2014. The young cyclist recovered pretty quickly from a bad shoulder injury that required him to rest completely and indoor bike trainer became his best pal. Ben Swift says that Team Sky always concentrates on performance numbers because without this measurement, you can’t really understand how well you perform. All his training sessions are focused on specific goals and at the end of every training session he is one step closer to completing his dream races.


Measure Performance On Indoor Bike Trainer For Every Session


Ben Swift said that he rarely rides his bike for fun. Whenever he sets to ride, he will have a goal in mind and a session plan in hand so that his workout on the bike is productive. If you are a pro racer, there are lots of choices for the races you would like to participate. Before the beginning of racing season, Ben decides on the races he likes. Then, he focuses his training sessions to train for specific races. This is the key to his success because you need to know whether you want to sprint, climb or sustain specific pace while training on indoor bike trainer. This decision can be made depending on the terrain and course on which you have to race.


Bkool turbo trainer provides excellent performance measurement with 3D real life videos on every possible route on the earth. This will help you to train on the track of specific races from your home. When you know your numbers, you can easily determine how well you have performed. Ben recommends that you need to work on improving yourself with every training session because each hour you log on your indoor bike trainer should be fruitful. First work on base fitness and in the months leading up to the race, choose targeted and intense ride with sprint intervals rather than riding on a steady pace.



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