Bike Trainer | Jens Voigt Trains Indoor In Winter


Bike Trainer | Legendary Jens Voigt Reaped Benefits Of Indoor Training


Jens Voigt, the eternal crowd pleaser cyclist from Germany has mentioned in an interview that he likes training on bike trainer when the weather is bad outside. Jens is famous for his hardcore workout on hilly terrains, which made him win Criterium International five times and Tour De France three times. Even though indoor training is not a major part of his workout sessions, Jens said in an interview that when the weather gets bad, he will spend time on his trainer to stay fit.


Avoid Injuries And Distractions To Train Harder On Bike Trainer


The biggest advantage with bike trainer is that there are not distractions, which makes it all the more harder to train. You won’t be able to take any rest while descending hills because on a trainer, you have to pedal harder and faster on all routes. There will be no wind to aid or resist your ride and it is your responsibility to keep pedaling when the bike trainer escalates resistance through progressive resistance. You can’t wait for signal or people to cross the road because you will be competing against yourself during indoor training. All these are good for you because without distractions, you can easily ride according to your session plan and get the best workout in a short duration. Jens Voigt most loves training outdoor, but he admitted to enjoying his time on trainer during heavy hails and rains.


Jens Voigt is also pretty famous for the injuries he faced during his racing days. Injuries can be disastrous for any cyclist, especially when the race is approaching nearby. Jens fought his injuries back and recommends continuing training on bike trainer so that you can stay fit while giving time for your injuries to heal. You need to have appropriate session plan in mind so that you don’t injure yourself during training.



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