Bicycle Trainer | Cannondale Regains Its Spot as Bike Making Pioneers


Bicycle Trainer | Cannondale, the Pioneer Bike Maker Shifts Manufacturing To Asia


The Cannondale bicycle corporation is a well-known name in America, especially among those who train for races in their bicycle trainer. Major cyclists all over the world have been sponsored at least once by Cannondale. The racers have set several records on Giro D’Italia riding Cannondale bikes. In fact, the Saeco team won 1999 Tour De France and won the Giro D’Italia five times. Olympic athletes and Ironman champions all attribute their success to the fast and lightweight bikes exclusively designed for racing by Cannondale. The company has its headquarters at Wilton, Conneticut and it is an American division of Dorel Industries, Canada.


Cannondale Closes Its Manufacturing In USA


Cannondale made it to the headlines when the company announced that it is closing its manufacturing in the USA. The manufacturing unit is shifting to Taichung, Taiwan. Many American bike makers now either manufacture in Asia or source supplies from the Asian continent. Cannondale became pioneers in bike making with the specialization in making aluminum and carbon fiber frames. The company failed miserably when it shifted its focus to motorsports business. After filing bankruptcy in 2003, the company regained popularity again with new focus on bicycle production. Pegasus Capital Advisors were responsible to bring the company on track.


Bicycle trainer lovers who enjoyed completely USA made bicycles will now have a heavy heart knowing that their favorite bikes won’t be made in the USA anymore. For Cannondale, it is a major decision to cut down operations cost because of the cheap labor in Taiwan. The original Bedford office is now used to complete non-manufacturing jobs such as assembly and testing. The company is revamping big time, with major design changes and production modifications with recreational and leisure bikes. The new moves have been profitable for Cannondale so far and the company still makes bikes of exquisite quality.



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