Indoor Bike Trainer | Orbea The Leading Bike Maker In Europe Expands Worldwide


Indoor Bike Trainer | USA Is Fast Becoming One Of The Major Markets For Orbea


Bikes are always a fascination for cycling lovers and after training several hours on indoor bike trainer, it is only natural that you want the best bike you can afford while on the road. Professional cyclists in Europe know the significance and efficiency of Orbea bikes as it is the leading bike manufacturer in Europe. The Spanish pro team Euskaltel-Euskadi has won several races on Orbea bikes. The Herring Gas Team in the USA is also riding Orbea bikes during important races. Bikes from Orbea are a favorite for Olympic athletes like Samuel Sanchez and Julien Absalon.


Orbea Bikes Are The Best Choice For Pros On Indoor Bike Trainer


Orbea was established in 1840 as a company producing rifle and guns. During the 1930s, the company started making bikes and it soon became the largest bike manufacturer in Spain. Some of the high end models are made in Portugal, but a major portion of the bikes are made in Mallabia Spain. Indoor bike trainer pros in Europe would usually own at least one Orbea bike because it is a household name in Europe.


The company has risen to a whole new level globally from being a popular regional manufacturer. Orbea is relentless when it comes to manufacturing the best bikes and bike components. That is why it acquired notable companies like Veneto bicycle and component manufacturer Zeus. Now, Orbea sells its own bike parts, some of them are still sold under Zeus brand name. By acquiring well known brands, Orbea soon became the most notable bike manufacturer with sales increasing in France and Germany, apart from Spain. Orbea is also fast developing in the US, especially after it sponsored the Jelly Belly team. It is only natural for pros to choose Orbea bikes that are behind the success of many Spanish cyclists in major cycling tours.



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