Bicycle Trainer | Giant Leads the Industry Controlling Every Step of the Manufacturing Process


Bicycle Trainer: Giant Grew To Be a Leader with Its Dedicated Manufacturing Process


Anyone who spends a decent amount of time on bicycle trainer must have heard about Giant bikes. Giant is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and it is a favorite of pro cyclists. More than 70% of the bikes sold in the USA bear the name of Giant or at least components made by Giant. The Taiwanese company had a humble beginning in 1972 when Giant was a contract manufacturer. The company initially struggled to make significant sales. Giant enjoyed a breakthrough when it started making steel bikes for the then popular brand Schwinn. Later, Giant developed in a rapid pace, making it the largest bicycle manufacturing and bicycle trainer brand in the world.


Giant Believes In Spending All Time And Energy On Bike and bicycle trainer Manufacturing


Many bicycle trainer manufacturers make bikes importing components from other companies and contractors. However, Giant believes that making a bike from raw materials is much more profitable in the long term. As the company is in control of every step of the manufacturing process, quality is guaranteed. This means that there will be no intermediaries who can affect the quality of the bicycle trainer. This motto of Giant has made it possible for the company to manufacture highest quality aluminum and carbon fibre bikes.


Right from smelting alloys for aluminum bikes and manufacturing carbon fibre sheets, Giant has made sure that the manufacturing process is truly done in Taiwan. Giant sponsors popular international teams like Giant-Shimano and Global Giant Mountain Bike Team. The company also sponsors various international cycling teams all over the world. When you look closely at the bikes used in major tours such as Tour De France or Giro D’Italia, you will find that top cyclists ride Giant bikes during crucial tour stages.



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