Stationary Bike Stand | Specialized With Its Ups And Downs Is A Favorite For Pro Cyclists


Stationary Bike Stand | Specialized Continues To Be One of the Top Bike Choices for Athletes


When you ride stationary bike stand regularly, you know that the trainer puts a lot of pressure on the tires. It is important to invest in some cheap tires for indoor training. However, when it comes to training outdoor and racing on courses, you should never compromise on the quality of the bike. Inevitably, the quality of your bike is determined by the manufacturer and you can never go wrong with popular models from leading bike manufacturers. Specialized is one of the giant bicycle manufacturers that make its own bikes and components. Unlike other companies that source most of their products from abroad, Specialized manufactures different parts of bike right here in the home country.


Specialized Bikes Are For Everyone Who Love Stationary Bike Stand


Specialized is founded by Mike Sinyard, a cycling enthusiast in 1974. He first imported finer bike components from Italy to sell them in America. When the American people showed interest in specific bike components, Sinyard decided to start his own company, manufacturing bike parts. By 1976, Specialized touring tire was manufactured. Then, Specialized bikes such as Sequoia and Allez were introduced. Specialized became extremely popular when it made the Stumpjumper mountain bike. Everyone was able to afford the bike and it is so popular that the original model is displayed in the Smithsonian Institution museum in Washington. Those who like training indoor with stationary bike stand found pleasure in mountain biking with Specialized bikes.


Specialized became one of the inevitable names in the mountain biking and road biking industry. It started sponsoring major teams and the pro cyclists started winning multiple races on Specialized bikes. The company faced a major dip in sales when it introduced lower end bikes to be sold through discount retailers and sport stores. This angered the loyal dealers of Specialized. After a major downward curve, the company has learnt from its mistake and now, you can buy Specialized bikes and bike parts only from Specialized bike dealers.




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